June 4 - 6 , 2024 EUREXPO - LYON - FRANCE

Hall of fame : Innovative Trophy











Congratulations to AEROSINT who won the Best Innovation Award for machine, material, software and process, all categories combined.
Multi-Material LPBF: The Powder “Recoater” invented by Aerosint consists of a selective powder deposition system (SPD technology) allowing the deposition of powder pixels on a printing surface. This advance allows different types of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, etc.) to be deposited precisely and according to the desired pattern on a surface in a single pass to compose a 3D printed part.










GLASSOMER wins the “Coup de Coeur” award for their project “3D printing of glass”.
They have developed their own glass 3D printing technology and are marketing it. It consists of special materials (liquids or solids), called “Glassomer” which are moulded like plastic. Glassomers consist of a high proportion of fine glass powder and a plastic binder. This binder makes the glass behave like a plastic and can be treated as such.

Jury members :

  • Pierre-Antoine ARRIGHI, Founder ANIWAA and Director of Consulting SOPRA STERIA
  • Philippe FERAUD, Scientific and Technical Expert SNCF
  • Stéphane LESPRIT, Packaging Innovation Engineer for skincare and fragrance at L’OREAL
  • Lionel RIDOSZ, Additive Manufacturing Manager SAFRAN
  • Ramzi TEBOURSKI, Supplier Quality Engineer VOLVO TRUCKS





During the 2019 edition, the company INETYX convinced the members of the Jury and was awarded the title of the best machine innovation 2019 with the 3D metal printer: AMW300X which allows the production of finished parts in mono and multi materials according to the principle of micro-welding of rectangular section wire.

Members of the Jury :

  • Philippe FERAUD, SNCF Scientific and Technical Expert
  • Nicolas PARASCANDOLO, SYMOP Profession Officer
  • Stéphane LESPRIT, Packaging Innovation Engineer for skincare and fragrance L’OREAL
  • Jean-François MATHIEU, BtoB Segment Manager UPS
  • Lionel RIDOSZ, Additive Manufacturing Manager SAFRAN
  • Bertrand MARQUET, Co-founder and Head of the NOKIA programme