Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Cyrille Vue, CEO of ERPRO GROUP: "3D PRINT is a key moment of the year".

Cyrille Vue, CEO of ERPRO GROUP:
ERPRO GROUP, a French specialist in additive manufacturing and plastic injection, joined the 3D PRINT adventure in 2015. Through this exclusive interview with CEO Cyrille Vue, discover the rise of this company, which has asserted its presence on the 3D printing scene in recent years. 
Explore the highlights and memorable encounters that have marked the journey of this company, which will be presenting a host of new products on its stand in June.
Hello Mr. Vue, could you tell us more about ERPRO GROUP?

Erpro Group is a leader in the field of additive manufacturing and plastic injection molding, for small, medium and large production runs. The company offers a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies, complemented by engineering services (design, topological optimization), plastic injection, 3- and 5-axis machining, silicone molding, RIM molding and post-process finishing. Erpro Group is constantly investing in new additive manufacturing technologies, enabling it to maintain a strong position in this fast-growing sector.
With three production sites in France (Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, Le Quesnoy, Tremblay-en-France) and a sales office in Toulouse, Erpro Group is active in all sectors: automotive, aeronautics, industry, cosmetics, luxury goods, medical and retail.

We've been delighted to count you among our exhibitors since the very beginning of 3D PRINT. Can you tell us about the evolution of ERPRO over the last 10 years?

Erpro has grown considerably, from 20 to 100 people. Between organic growth, external growth and the creation of start-ups, we've lived Additive Manufacturing with passion over the last 10 years! But the most exciting is yet to come!

Do you have any key moments or significant achievements to share with us?

It's impossible to mention them all without writing a novel!
One of our proudest achievements dates back to 2017, with the creation of Erpro 3D Factory, a start-up dedicated to the production of polymer parts using additive manufacturing.
A world first, including the manufacture of millions of mascara brushes for Chanel!

How has ERPRO GROUP's ongoing participation in 3D PRINT contributed to the development of your company? Any special memories or encounters you'd like to share with us? 

The 3D Print trade show is a key opportunity for us to present our innovations, meet our customers and also our partners. It's a key moment of the year! 
3D Print is also a great place to meet people, and I remember having meetings with Air France, Safran and SNCF, to name but a few.

Can you tell us about the innovations you'll be showcasing on your stand from June 4 to 6?

This year, we'll be showcasing projects produced on our new Carbon M3 Max machine. We're the first Carbon Partner Network company in Europe to be equipped with this new machine.
We'll also be exhibiting 3D-printed parts made from granules using our EPEIRE 3D machine, as well as the Poolp start-up, which prints recycled materials using a high-capacity robot.
Last but not least, the ChAMpions Zone will be showcasing some excellent applications, such as a customized saddle for motorcycle racer Kenny Forray, and a rugby ball made from Pebax®!
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