Monday, January 25, 2021

Interview: Meeting with Grégory ROUTIN, Director of EM3D

Interview: Meeting with Grégory ROUTIN, Director of EM3D
Hello, can you introduce yourself and EM3D?

Hello. I am Grégory Routin, director of EM3D, a company specialising in large format 3D printing solutions. We are distributors for Builder and Massivit, two manufacturers with complementary solutions depending on our customers' needs. Massivit is a manufacturer created a little over 7 years ago in Israel by recognised industrial experts, who have developed a unique additive technology using gel, which enables very large format printing at a revolutionary speed. It is therefore an ideal solution to produce large scale shapes in only a few hours for many markets such as industrial prototyping, scenic manufacturing or architecture for example.

How did the idea of developing large format 3D printing come about?

EM3D was born out of Euromedia's technical expertise, which has been equipping professionals with large format "2D" printing solutions for over 20 years. 3D printing is the logical continuation of 2D printing, so we have been interested in it for a long time and that is why we decided to develop a range of large format 3D printers. What motivates us the most is that additive manufacturing will go further than just complementing so-called traditional manufacturing, it will allow us to reinvent the way we work in all sectors, to open up the field of possibilities in many markets. If we take the example of prototyping, large-format 3D printing makes it possible to create, test, and restart in just a few hours to accelerate the entire design process, with total creative freedom.
Which sectors are using this technology the most?
Large format 3D printing is used in a wide variety of sectors and markets. Industrial prototyping, of course, especially for the aeronautics and automotive industries, but also scenic manufacturing, museography, architecture, visual communication, research and education, art, design...

Can you tell us about a Massivit project?

One of the projects that made the biggest impression on me was the DB Car presented at the 2019 Paris International Automobile Festival: a concept car imagined by the famous designer Takumi Yamamoto, inspired by the singer David Bowie, and printed at Marie 3D using a Massivit 1800 in only 350 hours!

How do you see large format 3D printing in the coming years? Can it win new markets?

3D printing, especially large format, is still in its infancy. And we are already seeing applications in very different markets. So it can only intensify. Large-format printers will become faster and faster, with increasingly precise and high-quality shapes, opening up to even more applications and to small and medium-sized production runs. The more we print in large-format additive manufacturing, the more it will be democratised and the more new ideas will emerge, and therefore the more we will be able to push the limits.
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